Simultaneous Translation

Simultaneous Translation

Simultaneous translation and interpretation, the most challenging form of translation, is carried out by expert interpreters and is typically used in conferences, lectures and speeches. Since it requires intense concentration, interpreters usually alternate every half hour / hour in translation jobs of more than a few hours.


Simultaneous Translation Equipment

Simultaneous translation is transmitted live to participants via headphone receivers, and can be provided in several languages in parallel. The equipment includes microphones, transmitters, and receivers/headphones. Setting up the system and equipment is performed in advance by an experienced professional. Detailed and customized price quotes are available upon request.


Examples of cost breakdowns:

1. Up to 4 hours of simultaneous translation, with one translator, up to 100 receivers, one transmitter and an on-site technician: 2450 NIS + VAT, including travel expenses

Consecutive Translation

In consecutive translation, the speaker pauses to allow for translation into the target language. This method does not require equipment or advanced set up, and is typically used for meetings, work groups and when translation is only necessary for a small number of people (1-2).

Detailed and customized price quotes are available upon request.


Our consecutive and simultaneous translations services and equipment contribute to the success of conferences, lectures and courses.

"High quality translations

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Multilingual Translations

Expert translation for various documents: legal contracts, technical manuals, product brochures

Copywriting & Editing 

Words that sell, phrases

to remember

Film Translation

& Subtitling

Subtitles or narration for your videos within hours

2. 4 to 9 hours of simultaneous translation, with two translators, up to 100 receivers, one translation unit, one transmitter, an on-site technician: 4500 NIS + VAT, including travel expenses.

Detailed and customized price quotes are available upon request

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