Marketing Copy

Copywriting is a creative writing form whose primary goal is to promote the sale of a product or service. The tone  of voice in a promotional text is meant to persuade (whether overtly, subtly or via humor) and does so by engaging copy that is designed to attract and captivate readers. 

Marketing & promotional copy needs to be polished and demonstrate a profound familiarity with the product, the target audience and cultural references. Good copywriting is an essential component of any website, brochure, product portfolio or presentation geared for sales or promotion.

Excellent copywriting effectively delivers marketing messages to the target audience in their language. It also requires intensive research of the subject matter as well as creativity, time and effort.

What is good copywriting?

Copywriting is an expertise that requires many skills. Many writers excel in legal or technical writing but lack the ingenuity, creativity and ability to think outside the box – essential skills for writing great copy. A copywriter or translator who is translating promotional materials should focus on the original message, converting it to the language and culture of the target audience.

Tip from us: humour really helps 🙂

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