Translation of legal, medical, accounting and technical documents​

Legal translation from any language to any language
  • Translation of certificates, contracts, tenders, divorce papers, power of attorney and business documents
  • The translation is done by attorneys, economists and marketing professionals
  • Notarial certificates in all languages
  • Oral legal translation in court hearings and mediation meetings
  • Simultaneous translation with professional equipment
Balance sheets, tenders, financial documents
  • Translation of bookkeeping to and from English, Russian and German at affordable prices
Hi-tech and low-tech technical translation
  • Translation of manuals, building & manufacturing specifications and scientific articles
  • The translation is done by experienced translators with relvant education
  • Translation of manuals to all languages of the European Union, Asia and America
  • Translation of construction specifications, volume writings, software and applications
Accurate and verified medical translation
  • Translation of medical documents, medical opinions, medical questionnaires, health care packages, pharmaceutical packages and remedies
  • Translation is done by experienced translators who have relevant education and/or medical expertise
  • Specialization in translating medical forms for insurance
  • Translation of medical submissions to the Ministry of Health
  • Oral translation during consultations
  • Medical research translation

לקבלת הצעת מחיר

מומלץ לצרף את הקובץ לתרגום על מנת לקבל הצעת מחיר מדויקת במהירות. במידה ויש יותר מקובץ אחד, אנא שלחו אותם כ-zip. משקל מקסימלי: 10MB

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