Film translation services including subtitles, voiceovers and dubbing

Translation of subtitles or narration for ads, marketing videos and presentations that contain videos & animations.

Genesis Translation’s editing and subtitles studio offers a variety services in addition to translation: inserting subtitles, recording narration and editing in the film.

Genesis Translation’s video studio for subtitles and voiceover recordings can be used for a wide range of deliverables: movies, videos, promotional films, advertisements, marketing videos, demo films and animations.

Subtitles, narration or voiceovers can be translated from any language to any language.

The translating process in Genesis Translation:

  1. Receiving the video from the client in any digital format (WMP, AVI, MPG or DVD)
  2. Translation of the film to the target language in the appropriate format for recording narration or dubbing.
  3. Sending the video to the client for feedback and making the necessary fixes or changes.
  4. Transferring final text to subtitle or recording studio technician for insertion of subtitles or recordings.

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