Film Translation and Subtitling

Video Translations, Subtitles and Voice-Over (VO) Recordings
Genesis Video Editing and Subtitles Studio offers a wide range of services: translation of films and videos, commercials, promotional clips, video presentations, Flash presentations and cartoons. Translations are available in all languages as subtitles, voice-over or narration.

The Film Translation Process:

Receiving the video for translation in any computerized format (WMP, MPG or AVI)

Translating the film into the target language, in subtitles or voice-over format (narration or acting).

Receiving approval from the client for the text and making the necessary changes or modifications.

Transferring the text to a subtitling expert or voice over recording studio.

After review by the client, the final product is delivered to the client.

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Our studio translates films, videos, commercials and presentations – into subtitles and VO recording - in all languages.


Simultaneous Translation

Bilingual conferences and lectures - saves time and promotes understanding 

Multilingual Translations

Expert translation for various documents: legal contracts, technical manuals, product brochures.

Copywriting & Editing Words that sell, phrases

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