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What is copywriting?

Copywriting is a form of creative and persuasive marketing writing aimed at delivering engaging texts that will capture and hold the readers' attention. Copywriting calls for marketing-oriented texts that send direct, sharply-honed messages, and requires in-depth familiarity with the target audience and culture. Good copywriting is a critical element in any website, brochure, folder and presentation that aims to inform and / or to sell. High quality copy transmits effective marketing messages to the target audience in their own language, and necessitates intensive investment in research into the subject matter, as well as creativity, time and effort.


What makes a good copywriter?

Copywriting is an expertise that requires special skills. Many writers excel at legal or technical writing, yet lack the ingenuity, creativity and ability to think outside the box, qualities that are essential for copywriting. A good copywriter/translator must always keep the focus on the original message, while converting it to the intended reader's language and culture. Here’s a free tip: humor helps!


Why Genesis?

Our copy is written by experienced copywriters and translators who have rich, extensive experience in writing and translating copy material - always in full collaboration with the client. In some cases, in order to ensure the highest quality, Genesis uses its network of contacts with ad agencies and translation companies abroad to test the text and ensure it is persuasive and fully adapted to the target audience


Simultaneous Translation

Bilingual conferences and lectures - saves time and promotes understanding 

Multilingual Translations

Expert translation for various documents: legal contracts, technical manuals, product brochures.

Film Translation

& Subtitling

Subtitles or narration for your videos within hours

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their swift and courteous service, and the very high level of work.”


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