Remote Simultaneous and Consecutive translation and interpretation in any language

Interpreters with professional equipment – anywhere and in any subject.
Now also in Zoom!

*Remote interpretation and remote consecutive translation.

* Professional equipment including: transmitters and receivers, earphones, acoustic cells, microphones and cameras

* Experienced interpreters with recommendations

* Competitive Prices

* Professional and accurate consecutive translation in any language
* An experienced interpreter will accompany your meeting in person or remotely and translate you and other speakers, face to face or remotely.
* Translation in court
* Translating meetings and accompanying tours
* Hourly pricing according to translation languages

What clients said about working with Genesis Translation

El Al

Genesis Translation works with us as a supplier of translation and copywriting in foreign languages. The translations and the copywriting that they provide us is of the highest quality and always arrives in time.

Shachal Telemedicine

We are happy to recommend the services provided by Genesis Translation. We are 100% satisfied with the quality of translations that Genesis Translation provides Telemedicine. All the translations were in time, and we want to recommend Genesis Translation as a professional and reliable business partner.

PCAOB -Public Company Accounting Oversight Board for public companies in the United States

Genesis Transations has accompanied us with simultaneous translations in audits that we have conducted in Israel for 12 consecutive years. Genesis Translation provided us with up to 8 interpreters a day for several weeks in a row. The translators dealt with written and oral translations of financial and accounting materials, and we are very pleased with the service and the results.

If you need simultaneous or consecutive translations, talk to us.